3 Kings Charcoal 33mm - 100 Tablets

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3 Kings Charcoal 33mm - 100 Tablets (10 pieces per roll, 10 packs)

The tabs light quickly, are odourless and have a smooth, long and even burn.
To burn incense, use a pair of tongs to place a charcoal disc in the incense burner. Hold a flame to the charcoal until sparks have transversed the tab. When the charcoal is fully heated, grey, ashy soot will cover the red-hot, glowing tab. This indicates the charcoal is ready for use. Spread the incense on top of the charcoal using a small spoon and enjoy the exotic fragrance released by the incense.

This box contains 100 quick lite charcoal tablets with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes per tablet.
Charcoal is used to smoke shisha and to burn our incense, which is made of the best natural resins from Europe, Africa and the Far East and is used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies.

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