Eternity Crystal Wishing Thread Suncatcher in Gift Box (24cm)

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Eternity Crystal Wishing Thread Suncatcher in Gift Box
  • 24cm Length


  • Silver Metal Guardian Angel
  • Butterfly
  • Dragonfly
  • Fairy
  • Interlocking Hearts
  • Hummingbird
  • Tree of Life
  • Unicorn

Angel - The Angel brings power, strength, and light to one's life. Providing spiritual guidance, the Angel is a messenger and a steadfast reminder to see the beauty in life.

Butterfly - The butterfly brings growth and celebration to one's life. Delicate yet strong, the butterfly embraces change and is known as a symbol of spiritual rebirth and personal transformation.

Dragonfly - The Dragonfly brings energy and adaptability to one's life. Ever changing, the Dragonfly is a reminder that life continually evolves and thrives. The colourful magic of the Dragonfly bestows cheerfulness and bliss.

Fairy - The Fairy brings beauty and grace to one's life. Alluring and clever the Fairy has magical powers that occupy the space between heaven and earth, appearing to enchant and provide guidance towards positive places.

Interlocking Hearts - Interlocking Hearts bring happiness and joy to one's life. Exuding devotion and connection, Interlocking Hearts are joined as one to represent shared love, unified for a lifetime.

Hummingbird - The Hummingbird brings joy and awakens the spirit to one's life. A messenger for change, the Hummingbird encourages natural transformations in life.

Tree of Life - The Tree of Life brings healing and nurturing to one's life. Connecting all forms of life to mother earth, the Tree of Life represents the deep union between physical beings and the cycle of life.

Unicorn - The Unicorn brings adventure and the spirit of personal freedom to one's life. Enchanting and magical, the Unicorn is linked to purity, protection, and strength, appearing when needed to overcome obstacles.

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