Lil' Dreamers Mist Mates Humidifier Unicorn (13cm)

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Humidifier Unicorn (13cm)

Lil' Dreamers Mist Mates

Hydrating Unicorn Humidifier.

Creates the perfect calm & soothing atmosphere!

Lil' Dreamers Mist Mates are special little pals that gently hydrate the air, perfect for soothing dry skin and raspy breaths. Tap the button for continuous or intermittent mist for the ideal moisture level to suit your space. With automatic shut-off after 4 hours, you can leave it running while you enjoy a peaceful slumber. Sweet Dreams!


Unicorn humidifier, 1 x USB cord, and 2 x sponge wicks.

After filling the water tank, plug in the USB cord and press the power button to activate your new pal. Press the button again for an intermittent mist setting, and again to turn it off. Humidifier will automatically turn off after 4 hours or when it runs out of water, so you can leave it running in peace.

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